With so much going on in the world
why wouldn't you learn from it?
Learn in the now

Learning in the now

What does it mean to be the university of ‘now’? To ‘learn in the now’? To ‘learn from the now’?

Bond University stands at the cusp of the present and the future. Right now, our students are learning by doing.

Right now, this moment, things are changing. Big changes, small changes, climate changes, gear-changes. With so much going on in the world, why wouldn’t you learn from it?

They’re learning:

  • What their chosen industry is really all about through internships with leading employers;
  • How first world solutions can solve third world problems by working in remote communities in Australia, Africa and the Pacific;
  • How the rest of the world lives and thinks by competing in international competitions and travelling overseas to live and study for a semester in another country;
  • How to start their own business… by actually starting their own business;
  • How to be leaders by heading up project teams, sports teams and on-campus clubs;
  • How to be team players by collaborating and negotiating with fellow students;
  • Why they need to be aware and engaged in what’s going on in the world around them.

Most of all, they’re learning what the future holds for them – not just in terms of technology and new career opportunities; but recognising and understanding their own potential selves: Who they can be. What they have to offer. How they can make a difference.

More than a degree

Some of our students in Kunnurra, spending two weeks running school holiday programs for at-risk Indigenous children.

You’ll need more than a degree to get ahead in your career.
According to Graduate Careers Australia’s most recent Graduate Survey (December 2015), only 68.8% of graduates were in full-time employment within four months of completing their degrees.

Beyond Bond gives you the ‘added extras’ employers are looking for, through opportunities for volunteering, overseas exchanges, career guidance, internships and much more.

Find out how you
can be
one of the
68.8 percenters

Why Do You "Like" Bond?: Current Bondies share their favourite things about their uni.
PhD Candidate Damon Arezzolo discusses the impact of altitude on The Wounded Pelicans as they prepare for their ascent to Everest Base Camp for an ultra-endurance event. Engage in real life research and analysis opportunities that utilise our cutting-edge laboratories with a Master of Sports Science at Bond University: https://bond.edu.au/program/master-sports-science

Study abroad

Kara Waites came to the Gold Coast from Ontario, Canada to study abroad at Bond.

Kara talks about how her Bond experience challenged her to step outside of her comfort zone and learn from something completely new.

Gain a new perspective by studying abroad.

read Kara's story

The postgraduate advantage

In an increasingly fierce and competitive job market, a postgraduate degree may be the difference in you and another candidate.

How could a postgraduate degree work to my advantage?

find out

Jobs of now

As university students, so much time is spent focusing on our future careers.
That’s the point of obtaining a degree, after all!
But is your degree preparing you for a job that will enhance your quality of life?

Career Cast, a popular job search site, does an in-depth analysis of top careers each year
and has just released their rankings for 2017.

This list provides an inside look into jobs from all industries and the quality of life of its workers.

Start your path to a promising career

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Did you know part of your brain changes when you look at food? Bond academic Peta Stapelton’s research on tapping helps overweight patients decrease their desires for certain foods.
Transformer is an Australian-first program aimed at teaching you big-picture thinking, creative problem solving and evidence-based decision making, preparing you for today's ever-evolving workplaces.

Bigger isn’t always better

Students studying in our main library

Right NOW, Bondies are sitting in classes with less than 20 other students. They all know each other … and so does their professor.

Find out why
good things come
in small packages

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From his home base in Melbourne Australia, Bond University Alumnus Ross shares how Bond prepared him for a career that didn’t even exist when he was studying.

Argue your way to law

Students sitting in a mock court trial

The Legal Skill Centre is the first of its kind to integrate purpose built suites for mediation, dispute resolution, PLT training as well video conferencing and a full-scale electronic moot court. This Centre encourages students to practice their skills and provides a simulated real world experience. And YES you actually get to use them! Our small class sizes means everyone has access to the facilities.

Read about Milla’s
first-hand experience
about studying law
at Bond University

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Using Augmented and Virtual Reality in Health Our health sciences & medicine students take part in a mixed-reality laboratory using virtual and augmented reality computer programs.
The Hub: The Bond Business School’s Commercialisation Centre has been specifically designed to enable all students to be creative and innovative. Using the latest research to create a conducive environment, students can come together, collaborate and work on their start-up ideas.
In this talk, author of the forthcoming book Environmental History and Ecology of Moreton Bay, Associate Professor Daryl McPhee, takes us on a journey through time of changes to the Moreton Bay region and what needs to be done to safeguard its future.
Right now, Bond Film and TV students are expanding their skills through live broadcasting an AFL game. The six camera setup among other industry-standard equipment means students are gaining real-life experience for their future careers in the television industry. Learn more about Film and TV at Bond: http://bond.edu.au/filmandtelevision
Ready for the Future: Alumnus Shane Cooper reflects on the competitive legal foundation that propelled him into a top tier law firm.
Indigenous scholars changing the world: Bond students Hannah Duncan and Alisha Geary and alumnus Jessica Singh were inspired by their Indigenous heritage to change Australia for the better.

Where Worlds Meet and Cultures Unite

Before their trip to Montreal we caught up with the Bondies representing us overseas in The World Model United Nations Conference. After their stint abroad they are finally back on campus, and Holli fills us in on her experience representing Bond University on the global stage.

Find out more about
Holli’s adventures
as an International
Relations / Laws student

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Healthy body, healthy mind

At Bond, sport and fitness is part of our DNA. All students are encouraged to participate in their choice of more than 20 different sports on campus, playing and competing under the ‘Bond Bullsharks’ banner. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, you can try out for our rugby, swimming, netball, rowing, cheer or equestrian clubs.

Bondies also get free membership to the Bond Sport Centre where they can work out in the gym, join in regular group aerobic, boxing TRX, yoga, Pilates, aqua aerobics and deep water running classes, or relax with a massage, spa or sauna.

Check out all the
Sport opportunities
at Bond